6 Incredible Health Benefits of Spa Treament

spa treatmentSpas have now long been established as a beauty and rejuvenation treatment. However, not many people consider it as a health treatment. But it is indeed a health-giving procedure, going beyond just making you feel good. Here are some prominent health benefits offered by a spa treatment.

1. Improvement in Cardiovascular Health

Submerging yourself in water up to your neck offers you a cardiac exercise. The reason for this is that water applies more pressure on your body and thereby increases cardiac volume. In short, when you are immersed in water, your heart works more and stays healthy eventually.

2. Cures Insomnia and Improves Quality of Sleep

Because of hot water, your body is relaxed and this improves your sleep. This is simple to understand. Your body is overall tense due to your daily routine and when you put it in the hot water tub, the hotness elevates your body temperature, thus relaxing your muscles. This brings your tiredness out and relaxes you, making you fall asleep better. However, you should not sleep while you are in the hot water tub.

3. Relieving Pain

As explained above, the hot water takes out strain from your body and so, it relieves your aches and pains too. Thus sportspersons who normally undergo injuries, sprains and pulls, and even arthritic patients experience a lot of difference in their painful condition due to a spa.

4. Maintains a Healthy Blood Pressure

A researcher from Mayo Clinic, Dr. Thomas Allison, has done a study through which it has been proven that sitting in a spa actually lowers your blood pressure. Those who are at the risk of heart disease or have hypertension should take the benefit of a spa.

5. Reducing Stress

Sitting in a warm water tub and realizing its health benefits can actually rid you from all your stress. This also has positive benefits to your physical and mental health and can encourage an overall feeling of wellbeing.

6. Cleansing

Heat of the hot water spa opens up your skin pores and various dirt elements and toxins are cleared from your skin. So, when you come out from the bath, you feel far more refreshed than a regular bath.

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