Top 5 Invisalign Tips that will Reduce Your Treatment Time

invisalign smileInvisalign has opened an all new way to those with misaligned teeth to get their teeth straightened without the messy traditional braces and without even letting others know that their teeth are under treatment. So, these people don’t have to be conscious. Though you might find the initial first sets a bit tough, you soon get used to the forthcoming ones. Dr. Jeffery W. Hadley, a leading doctor providing invisalign in Las Vegas shares here tips to make your invisalign experience much easier and beneficial.

1. Bear with the First 48 Hours

You have to get along well with the first 48 hours after you wear your new set of invisalign because they are the toughest. It is during this period when the movement of your teeth starts to get them into new positions. During this time, your teeth may be sensitive and sore, just like those with metal braces. However, if you bear with them as much as possible and keep them on, your teeth will settle fast. You can take them out for eating, cleaning, brushing etc, but other than that, try to wear them for as long as possible.

2. Wear Them As Long As Possible

The longer you wear Invisalign, the shorter will be the period of your treatment. Don’t take benefit of the idea that they can be taken out as per your wish. You should wear them as long as possible as if they are metal braces and you will complete the treatment quickly.

3. Keep Hygiene on Priority

Don’t laze on hygiene of your teeth. Brush and floss regularly. This is even more important while you wear Invisalign because they form a warm and moist place around teeth which is favorable for bacteria to thrive. Saliva and water that usually help rinse out your teeth and gums are prohibited to do their work. Therefore make it a point to brush and floss every day at least once.

4. Keep Invisalign Clean

Your invisalign too can become as dirty as your teeth. So, if you brush and floss and wear the dirty Invisalign on them, all your hygiene is in vain. Clean them with a brush having soft bristles or at least rinse them with water. Check your Invisalign before wearing them that they are thoroughly clean.

5. Keep Away from Sugary Foods and Beverages that can Stain Enamel

Avoid all sugary foods and drinks like wine, soda, coffee etc. These beverages and the chemicals in them get trapped in your Invisalign and turn them into tanning beds for your teeth. Sugary foods provide a favorable environment for bacteria to grow and thrive. Therefore keep away from these foods and drinks.

If you take proper care of your teeth and Invisalign in this way, you will get your beautiful smile back within the shortest possible time.