10 Amazing Tips for Beginners to Build A Great Body

bodybuilding tips 1Every boy wishes that he had a strong masculine body that will make him look good. If you are the one who wishes the same, but are wondering about from where to start, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to achieve your dream body, like exercise, diet and even bodybuilding supplements. Here are some easy tips for you.

1. Free Weights are Your Best Bet

If you enter a modern gym, you will see a lot of fashionable machines that look very impressive. However, they won’t actually help you to build a strong base of muscle mass. In that case, barbells and dumbbells are the best to build muscles, and particularly, if you are a newbie.

2. Importance of Compound Movements

Exercises shown in fitness magazines are quite tempting and you may fall for them. But what you should stick to at first are the basic movements. Workouts like squat, barbell bench-press, military shoulder press and deadlift are the ones you should not miss at any cost.

3. Make a Plan and Follow it Strictly

Don’t just go to gym and do exercises randomly, i.e. whichever you feel like doing. If you are really serious about bodybuilding, you should have a definite plan and should follow it strictly. Take the advice of a personal trainer or a pro bodybuilder to learn how to create a plan that will include the workouts you should do, sets and reps per set. When you enter the gym you should have an exact idea what you are to do in your training session.

4. No Need to Do It Everyday

If the person you have approached for a plan knows well what to do, he will plan only 3 to 4 workout sessions for you per week. You being a beginner need not train more than that. Use other days to rest and restore.

5. Target Every Muscle Group Each Week

Just as excessive workout is not god for you to get bigger, too less exercising won’t help either. You have to work upon every muscle group once every week at least.

6. Learn the Right Way to Do Every Exercise

You may get easily tempted to test yourself about how much more weight you can lift; but you should begin with lower weights and pay attention to the right way to do the exercises.

7. Increase the Weight Slowly

After you learn and master the right way, you should start adding to the weights slowly. Keep a record of how much you could lift on every exercise and increase it slightly after every couple of weeks. This is the correct way to increase strength and gain muscles.

8. Be Careful

Protect your lower back with a safety belt when you reach a point to use bigger weights. You may not face backaches right now, but you should ensure not to have them in future too.

9. Increase Protein Intake

When you are aiming at muscle gain, protein is an essential ingredient of your food. You can find them in fish, chicken, eggs, nuts, dairy products and vegetables. Experts advise to take at least 1 gm of protein per pound of weight to get the best results. If consuming adequate protein everyday is a problem, take a protein shake.

10. Not to Be Hungry

You should not keep yourself hungry. For this, you should take 4 to 5 meals every day after every 3 to 4 hours.