iHerb – My Favorite Online Supplement Retailer

iHerbIf you are full of beans, you probably don’t look for supplements and similar products to improve your overall well-being. Lucky you! Anyhow, most people have some medical conditions and health issues and, when the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t have an easy and quick solution to their problems, they simply have to turn to alternative products. Recently, I had some minor health problems and my immune system had suffered greatly, therefore I needed something good and safe to get myself back into shape. That’s when I’ve heard about many online services offering high-quality nutritional supplements and healthy products. I’ve used most of them, but the one I always keep on returning is definitely iHerb.

What is iHerb.com? It is an online retailer that offers healthy and nutritional supplements, but also a wide range of eco-friendly makeup and cleaning products. This company has been in business since 1996 and they ship their products all around the world. But, what is the difference between iHerb and other similar online retailers? You can find most products on iHerb, not only their brand, whereas it’s not the same case with other services. In general, iHerb seems to have more products that fit my own needs and, what I find so cool, arguably the widest selection of organic beauty products.

When you are new to online retailer websites, they all seem to be both convenient and difficult to use at the same time. The biggest problem with iHerb is that it offers so many products dealing with similar health conditions! I used to spend hours choosing the one that will meet my needs most closely. However, it’s easy to navigate and has wonderful features and simple and clear sections. And, talking about the options to choose from, well, the more the merrier!

Most online retailing companies offer a discount on your first order and iHerb is no exception. They offer discount coupons for $5 and $10 on the first purchase, feel free to check and use this iHerb coupon.

When it comes to shipping, iHerb provides free 1 to 3 days expedited shipping domestically for every purchase over $20. If you order anything under that, there’s $4 flat rate. Internationally, the company was shipping to over 150 countries with low International Airmail flat rates which are very low and based on weight. Nevertheless, the international rates have been updated and now iHerb is not the most affordable option if you’re from abroad. But, for domestic orders, it’s definitely the winner.

The pricing is quite similar between the biggest online retailers offering supplements if you compare the prices of the same products. For that reason, you should choose the one you’ll be using more often based on the selection of products they offer, while pricing shouldn’t be your number one priority. Yes, you might save $1 on a purchase over $100, but is it really worth paying extra for shipping or compromising on the products you’ll use for boosting your health? Honestly, I doubt it.

Bottom line, iHerb is top rated and trusted online supplement merchant, although it offers even more than that. When I don’t buy the nutritional supplements for my family (I’m virgin coconut oil true fan and I use it even for baking), I usually order some healthy snacks for my cats, just because I like my pets to get the best nutrition possible, and I adore the wide selection of Argan Oil treatments available on iHerb website! Try it yourself and I’m sure you’ll love it, too.