Juicing – Do it Right!

juice 10These days juice bars are popping up in any city and it seems that all the people have started to follow this health trend. No matter if you’re interested in juice cleanses to detox, shed pounds or add a healthy snack to your diet, it’s important to understand the purpose of juicing and how it should be incorporated into your diet. Incredible recipes and tips, such as http://sunflower-press.com/juicing-recipes-constipation/ are there to help you with your health issues. But, let’s get some basic info on juicing first!

juice 9In general, juicing is extracting the juice from whole fruits and vegetables. Store-bought juices are usually pasteurized and that lowers their nutritional value. Fresh homemade juices, on the other hand, made from whole fruits and veggies are rich in natural vitamins, enzymes, minerals and other nutrients. In addition, it’s a great way to get your recommended 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, especially if you are not a big fan of these healthy superfoods.

juice 8Juicing is great because it allows the immediate absorption of all the nutrients from the juice. As I’ve already mentioned, it also provides versatility in vegetables intake, since it helps people enjoy more veggies they might not typically like to eat (alone and whole). Juicing is a great way to give your digestive process a little break by requiring less energy to digest the produce. Liquid foods are easier to digest, compared to solid ones, and they don’t take many hours after consumption for the optimal nourishment to the body.

A juicing-only weight loss plan is not something most dietitians would recommend, since this diet lacks proteins and fibers and often leaves people hungry. So, juicing should be combined with a balanced nutrition plan for the best results, because human body needs more nutrients than veggies and fruits provide.

juice 7You should drink a juice first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. In general, it’s recommended to drink a fresh juice at least an hour before a meal, because it’s the time when you hunger for food and your organism will absorb anything you consume. Fruit juices should be consumed in the first half of the day, while vegetable juices are great for the later part of the day.

detoxSome vitamins such as vitamin C are more easily absorbed as juice. On the other hand, vitamins A and E are best taken through the whole digestion process. For example, tomatoes provide more nutritional value when you cook them. So, you need to choose the right ingredients. Here are the fruits and vegetables that should be in your homemade juice: leafy greens, broccoli, garlic, peppers, oranges, papaya, strawberries, lemon, apple, parsley, carrot, kiwi, grapefruits, ginger root. Take a look at some of the sunflower press recipes for more ideas!

It’s not recommended to whip up batches of liquid vitality for a few days. Instead, drink the juice almost immediately after you prepare it. By turning veggies and fruits to liquid, you remove their protective skin, change their texture and integrity and they quickly start to lose nutrients.