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Our site offers customers to compare prices on a variety of healthcare products such as over-the-counter drugs, prescription, supplements, beauty products and contact lenses. We aim to protect you from wasting your time as well as money on shopping for these products from any unreliable vendors.’s Editorial Assurance is a precise, trustworthy and an inclusive marketplace for a great range of health products. We currently scour over more than 100 retailers and tens of thousands of health care products. Implicit in our assurance:

  • We list the optimum deals, irrespective of our relationship with the retailer.
  • We proscribe any shop that we find has a bad history pertaining to their products and customer service.
  • We provide authentic and real user reviews on products and stores to make it easy for you to reach a best decision for you.

At you can search for or look for some particular products and once you hit upon any, our site will provide you with a big list of reliable retailers that offer that specific product by price, vendor rating, quantity, and other characteristics of products. In order to facilitate you more, we offer summaries of a large number of expert reviews with the help of which you can thoroughly compare products. We also track the prices of your preferred products and also offer Price Alert service. This service alerts you when your product attains the price you wanted.
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Just put the desired product name in the search box and on the spur of the moment our site will provide you with all retailers offering you that particular item. You will also see some advanced search features to help you find the best product in less time.

Our philosophy

We are dedicated to caring for the well-being and the health of the people but we do acknowledge that online shopping for healthcare products is a delicate and complicated matter. helps remove all those apprehensions:

  • Trust: in any venture, the essence of trust does not lie in its bind, but in its union. We try very hard to assess and build affiliations with our retailers. only personifies genuine retailers.
  • Accurate products: we make sure that you find the exact product and for this, we avoid listing the products in different ways or under different names.
  • Product dissimilarities: seldom you may be looking for a particular quantity of tablets, pills, or syrups etc. We help you find the exact quantity you want and also help you compare prices of the product for those quantities.
  • Precise prices: we list only those retailers that provide handling and shipping fees and this will also help you decide better. We also offer an opportunity for you to exclude or include mail-in refund prices.

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