Raw Food Diet – Head towards Health with an Increased Confidence

raw food diet delicious recipeThe raw food diet is getting tremendous popularity in the world of health enthusiasts, as more and more of them are turning towards it. However, on the other hand, many nutritionists and health experts are against adopting Raw Food Diet because according to them, the raw food cannot provide the necessary nutrition to all types of people, especially growing children. Whatever is the fact, it is interesting to take a look at what is proven scientifically about eating food raw.

Why is Cooking Harmful?

Cooking has been proven harmful in the sense that it destroys many of the nutrients that are required for our health. As if, this is less, it also changes food to toxins and free radicals that further destroy our health.

Raw Food Alkalizes Our Body

The raw food diet contains somewhere between 75% and 100% live, uncooked and unprocessed, organic, nutritionally dense food and pure water. This diet is delicious and allows you to enjoy health by alkalizing your body. At this speed, your excretory system can eliminate toxins formed when you consumed cooked food. But when you consume more of cooked food, you take in acidic toxins at a faster rate than your body can throw them out; thus they back up, disturbing the delicate acid/alkali balance of your body. This is a leading cause of diseases and excess weight. Heating food for more than 118° F leads to chemical changes that form toxins, that include mutagens, carcinogens and free radicals that further give rise to diseases like cancer, arthritis, heart disease and diabetes. Cooking is also known to destroy the live enzymes that help in digestion and make us healthy.

You can compare your body to an alkaline battery, operating on electrons. All our life processes can take place only when electrons or in other words, energy flows from atom to atom. The processes like cooking (and others which involve heating) make food to lose electrons, the very source of energy needed by our body. Healthy things “add” electrons/energy and are known as alkalizing or “reducing”, whereas unhealthy things steal electrons/energy and are known as acidic or “oxidizing”.

Our body is meant to be alkaline, just like the battery. The pH scale is logarithmic, because of which, even a fraction of a decimal can bring about huge changes to our health!

Misconceptions about Raw Food

It is a misconception about raw food that it is expensive. Another misconception is that it is time-consuming to make. If you go through PureRawFoods.com you will understand how easy it is to prepare delicious raw food dishes. This website is your excellent source for information about raw food diet.

Consult your doctor before adopting a raw food diet and learn the various preparing methods so as to gain all the nutrients from the raw diet. So, now you can head towards health with an increased confidence.