Save Your Patients from the Dangerous Consequences of Forgetting Medications

forgetting medicationsCosts of medications are rising everyday and prescription medications especially for seniors are sometimes come under the category of ‘unaffordable’. However, one cannot really know how expensive it can be if the elderly patients miss their medications. Indeed, professional caregivers should pay attention to this point and see to it that their patients take medications properly. Here are some costly consequences of missed doses.

As per the government estimations, every year more than 125,000 people n the United States alone die just because of forgetting to take their medications. This adds to around $100 billion in emergency room, additional preventable hospitalization and repeat visit costs of physician to the healthcare system. This problem causes at least 10% of hospital admissions. In case of seniors, the figures are especially alarming.

  • Around 23% of all nursing home admissions are of elderly patients who fail in their medication management.
  • More than 21% of all health complications related to drugs take place because patients fail in medication adherence, either by negligence, accident or intent.
  • Around 58% of all elderly patients commit some or the other mistake while taking medications; among these patients 26% suffer from serious consequences.
  • Studies done on seniors on long-term therapy of cholesterol-reducing statins revealed that 57% seniors stopped taking them just within 6 months while 74% stopped after five years.

In such a situation, it becomes even more important for professional caregivers to see if their patients are taking medications on time. And here CeyHello app steps in.

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CeyHello App

CeyHello app is perhaps the best pill reminder/organizer app that can come to caregivers’ help. The specialty of this app is it’s not a boring pill organizer, but is a different one which will arouse your patients’ interest with its moticons. Moticons are film clips or photos of anything – film personalities, politicians, or even the beloved grandchildren of the patients. When the patient will watch the moticons, s/he will be delighted and will take medications with a smile on her/his face. Around 45 moticons are offered for free on CeyHello; plus, you can create your own.

Another excellent feature of CeyHello is the Care Circle with which the patients can remain in touch with their family and friends. Plus, multiple languages, convenience of uploading prescriptions on the app and many features are available on CeyHello.

Save your dear patients from the dangerous consequences of forgetting medications through something like CeyHello app, along with bringing fun in their lives.

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