Importance of Being Healthy Physically and Mentally

What is the significance of being mentally and physically healthy? Why should people worry about working out, dieting and ensuring that both their minds and bodies are in their perfect conditions? There are many advantages of being healthy, and there are various reasons why people often avoid them. But, some facts are very true and very important to be ignored.

Importance of being physically healthy

1. Lower risks of diseases: No one could deny this. Those who are healthy have good chances of fighting against diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and even cancers according to some researchers. Many studies have found have found the relation between physical activity and reduced risks of diseases to be pretty powerful. This is the best advantage probably that good health can offer.

2. Weight control: Having a good control on your weight is directly associated with being healthy. Most of the times, healthy people are disciplined people who know how to say no to their favorite foods and say yes to workouts even it takes lot of their time. All of these and many more are the reasons why it is important to be mentally and physically healthy.

3. Enhances balance and increases range of activities: As you get old, you may feel that you are being restricted for things that you can perform. The things that you might have done for long hours when you were a teenager, you may not even find a minute to do them now. Regular activities might get you tired immediately. Working out and other such activities can not only help in making your muscles and bones stronger, but also enhance balance.

Importance of being mentally healthy

1. Lowers stress: Stress, in limited amounts can be advantageous to health. Stress can provide you energy and makes you active and alert. But, too much of stress can be severely harmful sometimes. It can also increase the ricks of few cardiovascular diseases, and can disturb the natural metabolism rate of your body, which results in weight gain. Stress has also been associated with accidents and absenteeism in office.

2. Enhances mood and quality of life: Excessive fear, irritability, anxiety, confusion and anger may be the indication of mental problem. A person can be mentally healthy only when he is happy. People who are mentally fit will have good relationships, and also have good physical health. They can also handle their problems in a better way and can also make better choices in life.