Cellulite: Myths and facts

celluliteCellulite is often described as uneven fat deposit combined with water and other wastes which are trapped inside the connective tissues under the skin. People concerned about their look gets disturbed by the sight of it in their body. While some people make peace with it, some go crazy over it and wage a kind of war against it. We all need to understand that this is not a disease and just an unpleasant condition of the body.

Let us see some myths regarding cellulite and know the fact to crush them:

Myth #1: Cellulite is Fat

Nope, Cellulite is a sign of a toxic body, resulted by the uneven deposits in the connective tissues of the skin and lack of circulation.

Myth #2: Only fat people have cellulite

False, people of any size can have cellulite. People with thin frame have also been found with cellulite in large numbers. In fact cellulite looks worse in thin people than healthy ones. However fat persons get cellulite decreased with loss in body weight.

Myth #3: Cellulite responds to weight loss and exercise

The fact is it does sometime respond to fat loss and exercise. This has shown visible results to some exercise programs carefully developed for this particular condition after years of research. But it is rather build up of toxins and the most effective way to get rid of it is the detoxification of the body and increase of circulation in the body.

In the treatment of cellulite, the opinion from one specialist varies with the other. You must make sure that you go to those who have years of experience in successfully treating the condition and have treated hundreds of patients. Reading reviews about them and collecting feedback from your friends will help you a lot in finding a right place for you.

cellulite myths and facts