Valuable Tips to Keep Your Teeth Clean while Wearing Braces

cleanin teeth with bracesWhen you wear braces, you most probably want your smile improved. Braces mean both time and money invested. This makes it important to take care of your braces and teeth during the treatment to be sure that after removal of braces, you will not only have teeth that are straight, but also healthy. It makes no sense when you wear braces for months or even years, only to have cavities because you couldn’t clean your teeth due to the braces. It’s a truth that due to braces brushing and flossing may become quite difficult. However that makes it even more important to keep teeth extra clean. Professional dentists at Altamonte Springs, FL Dental Services, give valuable tips here to keep teeth with braces clean.

Brushing with Braces

While it’s normally enough to brush twice daily, when you have braces, you should brush at least thrice a day, to eliminate the possibility of accumulation of bacteria that cause cavities in your teeth. Make sure before brushing to remove elastic bands or any such accessories from your mouth. Make use of a toothbrush that has soft bristles. Take a pea-sized amount of a fluoride toothpaste on the brush and brush your teeth thoroughly at least for two whole minutes. Let the bristles feel along the gums. However, you should not brush so hard that bristles will get squashed.

Flossing with Braces

You may be tired of flossing while you are wearing braces. But you should remember that with braces your teeth are more exposed to the risk of developing cavities and should not skip flossing every night after brushing. You can also have special flossing products designed especially for people with braces. Consult your orthodontist about whether s/he can provide such a special flossing product.

What to Do after Every Meal?

Normally you can rinse your mouth after every meal; but when you have braces, you should follow special rules of hygiene, like using an interdental toothbrush. With this brush, you can just insert the tip of the brush that is like a pipe-cleaner, under the wires of braces and it will remove any remaining food particles from your braces.

Some More Tips

For the perfect hygiene of your mouth, here are some more tips.

  • Swish an antibacterial mouthwash to ensure a clean and fresh mouth.
  • Reduce your sugar intake to lessen the risk of cavities.

Using these simple tips, you can do a big job of keeping your teeth clean while wearing braces.

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