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Save Your Patients from the Dangerous Consequences of Forgetting Medications

forgetting medicationsCosts of medications are rising everyday and prescription medications especially for seniors are sometimes come under the category of ‘unaffordable’. However, one cannot really know how expensive it can be if the elderly patients miss their medications. Indeed, professional caregivers should pay attention to this point and see to it that their patients take medications properly. Here are some costly consequences of missed doses.

Baba: A Magical Cat with a Message – Use the Magic Inside You to Attain Good Health & Happy Life

Baba - A Magical Cat with a MessageDo you believe in magic? Have you experienced it sometimes in your life? I am sure, you will say, “No”! I request you to recall if sometimes your dream came true, your wish came true, about anything! You wished that your very dear friend should meet you and s/he met you accidentally! You wished that you should have a dress and someone brought it to you and you didn’t even have to pay for it! There is actually something called magic in this world, but we have stopped believing it. This is the magic of our mind and soul. Everyone of us has it inside us but we have stopped to use it. We can use it for healing our pain and living a better life. Don’t you believe it? Read the latest wonderful book “Baba: A Magical Cat with a Message” and you will start believing it.

5 Basic Duties of a Professional Caregiver

duties of professional caregiversThe job of a professional caregiver may seem challenging. But at times, it’s rewarding too. After all, you are a great help for a person who is confined to her/his house or even bed and you are an important person for your patient because you are perhaps the only one who pays full attention to her/him. If you are planning to take up the career of a professional caregiver, you should know what basic duties you will have to perform.

Top 4 Benefits of Testosterone Supplement

benefits of testosterone supplementTestosterone has an immense importance in a man’s life not only for sexual purpose but overall health and strength. This is a hormone produced by the testes, ovaries and adrenal cortex. If it is less in a man’s body than required, it should be increased to regain the lost strength and some substances can increase testosterone naturally. What are the benefits of these testosterone boosters? Let’s see.

All about HGH: in a nutshell

all about HGHHuman growth hormone or HGH is a substance which produced by the pituitary gland and helps in human growth and maintenance of tissues in human body till death. This also helps in regulating body composition, fat metabolism, sugar metabolism, muscle growth and growth in bone density. For some people the quantum of natural hormones produced by the body does not suffice the growth hence they have to take medication involving the synthetic HGH. Also HGH is found to be present in many prescription drugs too.

CeyHello – Bring Joy to the Life of Your Patients along with Reminding them of Medications

CeyHelloAre you worried about any of your loved one because s/he is not taking medications on time and suffering from its severe consequences? Or are you a professional caregiver and facing the same problem with your elderly patients? Here is a fantastic solution found by Nihar Rout in the form of a simple yet effective cell phone app named CeyHello! What CeyHello does is give an emotional touch to the medication reminder rather than a plain, boring and often saddening alert, with something called “moticons”! Let’s see what CeyHello is, what moticons are and how they act wonderfully as medication management system.

Urology – Things to Know

urologyWe often visit or at least hear about various types of doctors and specialists like ophthalmologists, dermatologists, cardiologists and gynecologists. But we rarely hear about urologists. Naturally, we have a very little information about what urologists do and in which conditions we should see them. Here is the basic information.

Raw Food Diet – Head towards Health with an Increased Confidence

raw food diet delicious recipeThe raw food diet is getting tremendous popularity in the world of health enthusiasts, as more and more of them are turning towards it. However, on the other hand, many nutritionists and health experts are against adopting Raw Food Diet because according to them, the raw food cannot provide the necessary nutrition to all types of people, especially growing children. Whatever is the fact, it is interesting to take a look at what is proven scientifically about eating food raw.

Marijuana Medical Uses – the Bad Guy who is Actually a Good Guy

Cannabis Couch SurfersAlong with tremendous popularity, it has suffered and still suffering plenty of criticism, condemnation and bans, and a firm label of a “harmful object”. Numerous people are strictly on its opposite side, while numerous others love it, believe in it and trying to create, maintain and rejuvenate its status as a “beneficial substance”. I am talking about marijuana! Marijuana is in use since ancient times, not only for its narcotic properties, but for its medicinal qualities too. Marijuana alias cannabis is very effective in relieving nausea and vomiting resulting from chemotherapy, improving appetite in HIV/AIDS, treating muscle spasm and chronic pain, and many other medical conditions. However, it has been declared a “bad guy” because of its sedative effect. Still a group of cannabis-lovers is active for proving this bad guy a good guy and travel extensively for this purpose. You too can join them and enter the wonderful world of cannabis. They are!

Health Benefits of Steroids

steroidsIn the world of sports, steroid scandals are quite frequent wherein athletes are found to risk their health, job and freedom for getting an edge to their performance. Looking at the great financial rewards, such a risk is understandable. There is a lack, however, of research showing how the steroids affect athletes. Yet testosterone has been found to increase body size, muscle strength and healing rate. However, these benefits are associated to several long-term and short-term health risks.