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3 Effective Ways to Deal with Multiple Sclerosis Pain

Multiple SclerosisWhen it comes to symptoms of multiple sclerosis such as fatigue and loss of mobility, pain is the most prominent and most disturbing one. Fortunately there are several prescribed as well as natural remedies that help the patient reduce MS pain.

4 Issues where a TENS Unit can be Used Effectively

Medvive TENS unit with 16 modesAs you may know that a TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) unit is a medical device used to reduce pain by stimulating nerves by applying an electrical current through the skin. By far, it’s one of the most effective and popular therapy for pain reduction. But do you know that it can also be used for many other purposes? Here are a few of these purposes for your knowledge so that you can make the best use of this wonderful device.

Why Should You Take L-arginine Supplement?

L Arginine SupplementIf you have recently come to know about L-arginine and are wondering what it is, it is an amino acid and is essential for our body to make proteins. It can be obtained from diet in the form of fish, red meat, and dairy and poultry products. It can also be synthesized in a laboratory to use as a medication.

The Power of Hope

asking for helpHope is something we all need to face the challenges of life. Scott Peck, author of The Road Less Travelled, opened his book with the famous, simple line—Life is Difficult.

Baba: A Magical Cat with a Message – Use the Magic Inside You to Attain Good Health & Happy Life

Baba - A Magical Cat with a MessageDo you believe in magic? Have you experienced it sometimes in your life? I am sure, you will say, “No”! I request you to recall if sometimes your dream came true, your wish came true, about anything! You wished that your very dear friend should meet you and s/he met you accidentally! You wished that you should have a dress and someone brought it to you and you didn’t even have to pay for it! There is actually something called magic in this world, but we have stopped believing it. This is the magic of our mind and soul. Everyone of us has it inside us but we have stopped to use it. We can use it for healing our pain and living a better life. Don’t you believe it? Read the latest wonderful book “Baba: A Magical Cat with a Message” and you will start believing it.

Double-Understand Peeing: Dealing with Exercise Induced Urinary Incontinence (EUI)

exercise-induced incontinenceLаdiеѕ, уоu knоw thе ѕсеnаriо аll to well: Yоu wаlk into thе gуm, happy tо be gеtting уоur wоrkоut in for the dау. Yоu wаlk up tо thе whitе bоаrd tо ѕее what your fate hоldѕ fоr you аnd уоu ѕее the drеаdеd words – double-unders. “Oh no!” уоu say. It’s exciting tо wоrk уоur double-unders оr bе happy tо сrаnk out thе 100+ rерѕ in the wоrkоut but уоur fear ѕtеmѕ frоm something else: Dоublе-undеrѕ аnd рееing in the middle оf the workout! Once уоu gеt a little dribblе, thе flооd gаtеѕ ореn аnd it’s nоn-ѕtор рееing! Yоur асе tо thе bаthrооm to еmрtу уоur blаddеr bеfоrе class ѕtаrtѕ but it ѕееmѕ tо nоt make a diffеrеnсе; уоu still рее thе minutе you ѕtаrt jumрing.

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Drooping Eyelids

droopy eyelidsMany people suffer from drooped eyelids. This normally helps with age, trauma and many other medical conditions. Drooping of eyelids is also known as Ptosis. Ptosis can affect one or both the eyelids to droop, and is called unilateral ptosis and bilateral ptosis respectively. It may be temporary or permanent. It can be present since birth or can develop in later stages of life, known as congenital ptosis and acquired ptosis respectively. Dr. Naveen Somia, an expert eye bag surgeon in Sydney, shares with us information on ptosis.

Symptoms Showing That You Need Help From Anxiety Counselling

anxiety disorderMost of us experience anxiety in our daily lives. But do you feel severe anxiety which never goes with time? Is it persistent? If that is the case with you, you should think about it seriously and get it treated through counselling, because counselling is the best way to treat anxiety, says Colleen Hurll, Psychotherapist and an expert in Marriage Counselling in Hills District, Sydney. Following are the symptoms which you should consider as indicators that you need anxiety counseling.

All You Need To Know About Bulimia Nervosa Relapse

overcoming bulimia relapseHave you just overcome your bulimia nervosa? You might be feeling like a free bird, no doubt! But beware, there is something called bulimia nervosa relapse! Did I scare you? I am sorry if I did. But I am just trying to warn you and if you, unfortunately, are hit with a bulimia relapse, you should be ready with an adequate bulimia help in form of your previous experiences and other resources. Therefore it is necessary to know everything about the bulimia relapse.

3rd Eye Supply – Modern Metaphysical Store

Would you like to feel good, both physically and spiritually? Do you think the prevention is better than curing already existed conditions? Do you prefer natural and home remedies rather than expensive and artificial medicines? In that case, we think the same as you do and the same as people few centuries ago thought. Natural, preventive and affordable health care is possible, even though it might sound too good to be true. Or, you might ask yourself: “if it’s possible, how come I don’t know about it?”. Health Care system has invested in expensive treatments, equipment and technology. Their investment would be the wrong choice and perhaps some of them might be fired if they would encourage health care based on preventive and affordable treatments.