How Much Weight You Should Lose To Look Chic

6The trend in fashion has changed a lot. In the late 20th century, people used to consider the slightly chubby body as beautiful but now people want extremely skinny and smart body especially after the popularity of Barbie doll. People especially young girls are getting obsessed with their weight. They want to look as slim as possible because recent super models possess slim bodies. In men, the trend is not very alarming because lots of men like to have to body builders like body. They try to gain weight to make muscles but in women the situation is very alarming. There is a concept of zero sizes in women which is used as the standard size but according to doctors, both men and women should have reasonably high weight. Here are some standards to find out the appropriate weight for a person.

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Body Mass Ratio

The best way to find out whether you have appropriate weight as per your height and gender is the calculation of body mass ration. BMI is a simple formula in which you divide your weight by your height. You height should be in centimeters and your weight should be in kilograms. For men, the BMI ratio should be in between 25 to 36. For women, this ratio should be less than 30 but more than 20. This standard is not provided by any doctor or scientist. This standard is based on the socially acceptable body weight. If you like very slim body then go for the lower limit of the BMI ratio but make sure you should not go below the lowest acceptable BMI ratio because it will expose you to several health problems like weakness and dehydration. If you have BMI more than the upper acceptable limit then you must try to reduce your weight. It will be better to have the BMI in the middle of the acceptable range. It means men should go for 31 BMI and women should go for 2 BMI.

Get Rid Of Extra Weight

If you are not satisfied with your BMI and want to reduce your weight then you must consult a professional nutritionist. Burn the Fat is the guide which helps teenagers, adults, and old people to quickly reduce weight without pay heavy fee for gyms. You should realize that the real beauty does not lie in the slim body. Lots of people look extremely attractive with mildly heavy body. You must not go for reducing weight but you should go for reducing fat in the body. If you look at the routine of a bodybuilder, they don’t fast. They usually eat lots of things to develop muscles but they work hard to reduce fat. It is important for you to set right goals because if you set wrong goals then at the end all your efforts will go in vein. You will all these tips in this guide so get it right now and reduce the fat to get the healthy body.