PreWorkout Nutrition – Useful Tips

mud-preworkoutYour workout regime and diet plans are crucial for achieving your fitness goals. But, it’s also important what you take just before your training because it can improve your performance in the gym and increase the muscle gain. Are you ready for maximum results? Here are simple yet effective tips you could use to make the strongest preworkout nutrition plan.

Carbohydrates, Fruit & Proteins (1 to 2 hours before workout)

A gut-wrenching training requires a premium source of fuel: moderate to slow digesting carbohydrates. They can sustain you throughout your entire training and, by providing a source of energy, so your body won’t tap into muscle for energy. Timing and portion control are important when you consume a meal before your workout, too. Sources: brown rice, white (long grain) rice, whole wheat pasta etc.

Oranges and other fruits make a great addition to your meal 1 to 2 hours before training. Fruits are small, but sufficient source of faster-digesting carbohydrates that will kick-start your training. In addition to the carbs, oranges have vitamin C and electrolytes. Apples and bananas are also excellent options as pre-workout fruits.

Without protein, no meal can be complete. In order to maintain a positive nitrogen balance that is crucial for stimulating maximum protein synthesis, you need proteins. These biochemical building blocks are composed of amino acids and their correct ratio is essential to achieve an anabolic state. Sources: egg whites, skim milk, turkey, chicken and whey protein.

Pre-Workout Supplements (30-45 minutes before training)

Dietary/sports supplements are the final preparation before your workout. Since there’s a wide range of preworkout supplements to choose from, it can be difficult to pick the right one for your fitness need. In general, it’s recommended to opt for products such as MUD that contain a combination of caffeine and amino acids (in this case, Beta Alanine). These fast-acting supplements quickly absorb into your bloodstream and you are able to feel incredibly energizing results.

As you can see, creating an effective preworkout nutrition plan is not as difficult as you thought. With these useful tips, the only thing you need to do is to put these wise words into action. Good luck with your muscle gain!