Steroids – How to Start Using Them

steroids-bodybuilderIf you’ve got your diet nailed and been training a lot (and beyond), but your muscles simply don’t grow, there’s a chance you think about using steroids. It’s not complicated, but it takes energy and time to learn how to use steroids properly and to get the desired results. Nobody wants you to damage your body! So, here is some information on steroids you should know!

There are different types of steroids available on the market, so learn their properties and think about your own bodybuilding goals. That will narrow down your search and you’ll be able to buy products that are best for you. Here, it’s very important to decide how you want to take these chemicals: orally or to inject them. Of course, as a beginner, you should definitely opt for less painful and more convenient way to take your steroids orally.

As I’ve already mentioned, steroids have different properties, but they also have different strengths: there are light and heavy steroids. Even if you want to gain your muscles instantly, you shouldn’t take the hardest drugs at the beginning. Consult the bodybuilding experts, especially those who have similar body types as you have. If, however, they tell you they started out with the heaviest drug and on the highest dosage, just don’t listen to their advice. Either they aren’t telling the truth or they suffer really uncomfortable side effects. Many other people in bodybuilding forums will be happy to help you and share their experience with anyone interested in achieving similar fitness goals.

If you take legal steroids, you will probably experience very few (if any) side effects, so you’ll be able to use them for a longer period, for example, 2 months. But, it’s good to start with shorter cycles to allow your body to adjust to these drugs. Once you do a test cycle, try out the normal two month cycle, because it will give you enough time to see the results before the required break.

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