3 Effective Ways to Deal with Multiple Sclerosis Pain

Multiple SclerosisWhen it comes to symptoms of multiple sclerosis such as fatigue and loss of mobility, pain is the most prominent and most disturbing one. Fortunately there are several prescribed as well as natural remedies that help the patient reduce MS pain.

As you may know multiple sclerosis mainly affects the myelin sheath of nerves and thus hampers the action of nerves. Naturally the flow of neurological signals between the brain and the rest of the body is disturbed. Thanks to Marcel van Hooijdonk and people like him who are fighting against MS and raising funds for the disease, several remedies are emerging to alleviate MS symptoms.

Among MS symptoms, pain is seen in almost 67% of MS patients.

1. Massage and Hot Compresses

In MS, pressure on the body due to immobility, stress or spasticity causes pain in limbs. Massage therapy has shown promising results in relieving pain in MS patients.

Although studies have found that massage therapy can be effective in reducing pain in legs of MS patients and thereby improving mobility, these effects are temporary.

Massage helps reduce pain by lessening tension on pain receptors and inducing the release of endorphins. Massage is also comforting in nature. It may relieve feeling of stress and anxiety, the two factors that significantly affect quality of life.

If a MS patient can walk, walking can also relieve pain in legs.

2. Treatment of Hot Feet

A painful MS symptom is known as “erythromelalgia” which affects feet. In this symptom, the feet may feel swollen or tight along with having a burning sensation.

Some remedies for this condition include:

  • Keeping the feet elevated
  • Soaking fee in cool or lukewarm water
  • Swimming if possible
  • Pressure socks
  • Placing warm or cool compress on the skin

3. Exercises for Hand Pain

Pain, tingling or numbness in hands is a common MS symptom. This leads to reduced functionality and difficulty in doing routine tasks. Due to the efforts of people like Marcel van Hooijdonk, new therapies are emerging to relieve MS symptoms.

Following exercises can be tried to regain strength and function in hands.

Wrist Lateral Flexion

Keep palm facing down and keeping the arm still, move the hand from side to side.

Finger Adduction and Abduction

Keep palm facing down and fingers relaxed. Spread fingers apart and then move them back together.

Thumb Adduction and Abduction

Keep the palm facing towards the body so the thumb will point towards the ceiling. Turn the thumb towards the palm and straighten it.

Finger Extension and Flexion

Keep the palm facing down and fingers relaxed. Make a fist and then straighten the fingers.

If you are experiencing MS pain, relieve it with the above tips and live a happy life with MS.