All You Need To Know About Bulimia Nervosa Relapse

overcoming bulimia relapseHave you just overcome your bulimia nervosa? You might be feeling like a free bird, no doubt! But beware, there is something called bulimia nervosa relapse! Did I scare you? I am sorry if I did. But I am just trying to warn you and if you, unfortunately, are hit with a bulimia relapse, you should be ready with an adequate bulimia help in form of your previous experiences and other resources. Therefore it is necessary to know everything about the bulimia relapse.

First of all, it’s a good thing that you won’t be newly struck with the disorder! You may call this nonsense. But just think, why there is a relapse? Why are you again going through the binging and purging cycles? The cycles and relapse indicates that not everything is alright in your life, which you have learned from your previous experience, right? Remember, how difficult it was for you for the first time! This time, you won’t find it that difficult and you will easily overcome it! You just need to remember what you did last time!

Remember the Triggers?

Bulimia nervosa bouts – the binging and purging bouts – may have different triggers. But some of them are the commonest. One of them is feeling fat in certain dresses, especially against your slim and trim friend. If such a thing is trying to trigger the relapse, better you ask yourself some questions:

  • How does this make sense?
  • What did I learn from this?
  • I know it all, so, what can I do differently?

By contemplating on your triggers and setbacks, you can convert them into learning tools and become even stronger than before. You can be creative and develop a plan for dealing with same types of problems in the future. You will come to know that you have attained an insight about your needs and weak points. Sit quietly for some time and think on these weak points! Remember last time’s episodes, turn the triggers into learning tools and you will overcome those triggers, with better coping abilities!

How will You Cope up with a Bulimia Relapse?

How so ever you may feel it embarrassing or you are lazy of writing, jot down a plan for coping up with your bulimia relapse and keep it at hand so that you can read it anytime. You can also keep it documented in your smartphone, tablet or a journal. If you are worried about anyone would read it, you can keep it password protected, right? So why to worry?

What are the High-risk Situations?

Though it’s not necessary, but it’s a common finding that those formerly bulimic patients have more chances of relapse who live isolated and depressed. If you have become socially isolated, an obvious solution is to retain and maintain your social connections. But what if you cannot? There are many ways to overcome loneliness and the depression arising of it. If you cannot meet people, you can at least meet animals and birds! You can develop a hobby! Try to be more near Nature. Open air, sunlight, breezes, fragrances of flowers, trees and fruits, will soothe you and prove to you that life is beautiful. Find a cool place where you can sit and contemplate – it may even be a corner of your home where you may feel calm and composed! Contemplation will increase your coping abilities.

And of course, you have an excellent eating disorder clinic like where you will get all help to overcome your any eating disorder with professional treatment.

So, I hope that you are now better prepared for a bulimia relapse, and so, you never have to worry again!