Causes and Symptoms of Heart Disease

Apart from cancer, more than 2000 Americans are dying every day because of hear disease. Nearly 60 million Americans experience hear disease according to a study.

Causes of Heart Diseases: There are various causes of heart diseases. Majority of heart diseases occur because of high blood pressure that contributes to thickening of arteries. Bad cholesterol of high levels build up inside the arteries because of wrong diet habits with increased saturated fat and trans fat. All these things contribute the atherosclerosis lesion formation and gradually blockage in arteries or anything that causes damage in the inner part of blood vessels and obstruct the conveyance of nutrition and oxygen to the heart and it can considered as a heart disease risk.

Symptoms of Heart Diseases

Some symptoms of Heart Diseases are as follows:

1. Leg craps while walking: Dehydration may cause leg cramps at the time of exercising. It is crucial to consume fluid while exercising. Leg cramps are experienced when the muscle contracts forcefully and suddenly. Muscles that cross two joints are the most common muscles that contract in this way. Leg cramps that occur while walking might be a symptom of heart disease, it is caused by arteries in your leg being blocked up by cholesterol, this occurs due to insufficient oxygen being provided to the cells of your leg. If this symptom continues, you should consult your doctor.

2. Chest pain: When blood vessels get blocked up temporarily in the heart, they cause pain in chest. It is also occurs because of insufficient oxygen delivery to the coronary or muscle of the heart. If you feel constant chest pain then it might be an indication of heart disease.

3. Shortness of breath: Dyspnea or shortness of breath is the main and important indication of the left ventricular deficiency. People who experience shortness of breath are more likely to be at a risk of dying from a heart disease compared to people without any of these symptoms.