3 Prominent Differences between Vaping and Smoking

e-cigarettesBy now, you have heard a lot about how vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking and have finally decided to choose vaping. But are you skeptical about e cigarettes? Finding the differences between vaping and smoking can be an interesting topic at this stage.

1. Vaping Won’t Let You Know that It’s Done Unlike a Cigarette

You always come to know when a cigarette ends. The cherry reaches the butt and there is no more tobacco. But in case of vaping, you won’t feel that you have done with vaping, because the battery never goes off. So, how to know that you are done? Here are some ways to know that. You can stop vaping after 5 or 10 minutes. Or you can just vape for whatever time you want.

The fact is that you get a nicotine dash; so, you should rely on your body to notify you when enough is enough. A rule of thumb is that greater concentrations of nicotine have to be vaped in shorter bursts than lesser concentrations of nicotine. If you plan to begin chain vaping (this happens with almost all new vapers), turn to lower concentrations.

2. You may Catch Eyes

Vaping is still quite new and people would like to see what you are doing. Don’t worry! This wouldn’t upset you if you are largely an introvert person. Actually you would feel like talking about vaping because you will find it interesting. Moreover, you may also turn some smokers into vapers, which is also a win!

Of course, some people may also react negatively. Many people may think that your e-cig carries drug or a similar product. If such a person is genuinely willing to talk, feel free to speak about the e-cig and its benefits, and why you chose it over smoking. If such persons are not really enthusiastic but only want to be reproachful, don’t pay attention. You know your reasons of switching and that’s important for you.

3. Your Battery Goes off for Death

With cigarettes you can light them up again if you lose the cherry; but if the battery of an e-cig goes off it’s permanently dead. So, it’s advisable to carry a fully charged extra battery (or even two).

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