Baba: A Magical Cat with a Message – Use the Magic Inside You to Attain Good Health & Happy Life

Baba - A Magical Cat with a MessageDo you believe in magic? Have you experienced it sometimes in your life? I am sure, you will say, “No”! I request you to recall if sometimes your dream came true, your wish came true, about anything! You wished that your very dear friend should meet you and s/he met you accidentally! You wished that you should have a dress and someone brought it to you and you didn’t even have to pay for it! There is actually something called magic in this world, but we have stopped believing it. This is the magic of our mind and soul. Everyone of us has it inside us but we have stopped to use it. We can use it for healing our pain and living a better life. Don’t you believe it? Read the latest wonderful book “Baba: A Magical Cat with a Message” and you will start believing it.

Baba: A Magical Cat with a Message – Bringing a New Ray of Hope

Baba: A Magical Cat with a Message is the new book by Shirlee Hall who is a spiritual consultant and great author. This is her 7th book available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the Store of, her official website.

The book has a wonderful theme of a very wise cat named Baba who shares things of wisdom with his human pet, Mama Shirlee. These things of wisdom are the self experiences of Sirlee Hall and so, are enough to make you believe that magic does exist!

Shirlee Hall is of opinion that we can use this magic for healing ours and others’ pain. We can awaken this magic inside us by enlightening our souls. And this spiritual healing is not temporary. Once we get it, it will be with us forever.

Even on the website of Shirlee Hall,, she proposes her views about spiritual healing and wishes that everyone should make use of this magic inside us. We can do this by meditation and other methods that enlighten our spirits.

The idea of enlightenment of soul is ancient. In the course of time, people stopped believing it and started believing in more artificial scientific methods that heal sometimes, sometimes not. Spiritual healing is not a game of chance because it works more with the nature than human efforts that can’t stand against the spiritual power.

If you want to see your problems vanishing and your life improving, you should read Baba: A Magical Cat with a Message. This book can bring about a great transformation in your life by teaching you how to use the healing energy of the soul to attain an overall good health and happy life.

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