Health Benefits of Rapé (Snuff Medicine from Amazon Forest)

RapéIf you are wondering what Rapé is and what its health benefits are, here’s some useful information for you. It’s the name of one of the several tobacco snuffs used as a sacred shamanic medicine or tool by tribes in the Amazon basin since ancient times. However, it is not sniffed, inhaled or snorted, but it’s blown into the nostrils with a specialized blowpipe known as “Kuripe” (if blown by oneself) or “Tepi” (if administered by another person). This “blow” is pretty powerful and not particularly pleasant; rather it can be shocking.

Rapé is a grey- to sand-colored, very fine and dry powder, and is traditionally made by ceremonial pounding of N. rustica tree with tree ashes, and then filtering it through a fine mesh, giving a dust as fine as 125 micron. The tree ashes are the second important component of Rapé and come from the bark of various sacred or medicinal trees. The making and choice of these ashes and their exact composition typically remain the tribe’s secret.

Health Benefits of Rapé

The strong blow of Rapé is deeply felt in the brain and helps your mind open. This helps relieving physical, emotional and spiritual sicknesses and alleviates confusion and negativity, thereby a complete grounding of mind.

Shamans use Rapé to realign their energy channels with their higher self and to strengthen their linkage with the world and universe.

Rapé is also supposed to detox body and cleanse all mucus, bacteria and toxins, thereby help fighting colds and nasal congestions.

Rapé is also supposed to stimulate the mind due to its nicotinic content which in turn helps release hormones such as acetylcholine, epinephrine and dopamine, that support increased focus.

There are also rumors that Rapé can also decalcify the pineal gland. Calcification of pineal gland is associated with neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and fluoride exposure, and interfering with pineal gland’s functions like circadian rhythm perception, melatonin secretion and drug metabolism. However, whether Rapé really helps in decalcifying pineal gland or not has not yet been scientifically proven.

Indigenous Americans use tobacco medically to cure certain illnesses, wounds, sores and against insects. It is also used as a narcotic and analgesic substance that alleviates pain, fatigue, hunger and thirst. Rapé forcefully moves in nostrils and thereby cleanses out any residual mucus and provides potent antibacterial effects. If the body is too full of toxins, vomiting can happen leading to a thorough cleansing.

Before using Rapé as a medicine, consult your doctor and only if he gives you an approval, use it and get its health benefits.