How to Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally?

handsome-muscle-manTestosterone is a “man” hormone (but it occurs in women too) defining his manhood. All the “manliness” of men is mainly because of this hormone. Obviously it’s a concern when testosterone levels go down. A man should have healthy levels of this hormone in order to be not only sexually healthy, but also altogether fit and fine.

What is the Role of Testosterone?

Testosterone is responsible for all the bodily characters that distinguish a man from a woman, like strong muscles, hair on most parts of body, including beard and mustache, etc. The hormone is produced mainly by testicles and plays an important part in making the man sexually active.


When Does Its Level Decline and Why?

In normal circumstances, its level starts to decline by the age of 30 and keeps on declining with age. This is natural. But sometimes some prescribed drugs such as statins also bring down its levels.

How to Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally?

Lose Weight: Overweight men are more prone to low testosterone levels. So if you are overweight or obese, lose weight. If you are serious about it, cut down processed foods and refined sugars and fats totally from your diet and start exercising regularly. Start a lot of natural foods like fruits, vegetables and nuts. Cold water fish, lean meat, egg whites, and dairy products like fatless yogurt and cheddar cheese are also perfect for weight loss.

lose weight

Don’t cut down fats totally. You have to take healthy fats. Extra virgin olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, unheated organic nut oils, grass-fed meats, raw nuts like pecans or almonds, butter made of organic milk and organic pastured egg yolks are some of the healthy fats.

Exercise – Only High Intensity Combined with Intermittent Fasting: High intensity exercises combined with intermittent fasting have been proven to increase testosterone levels, unlike prolonged moderate or aerobic exercises which have been found to have a negative or zero effect on levels of testosterone.

Intermittent fasting increases testosterone by boosting the manifestation of satiety hormones like leptin, insulin, GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1), CKK (colecystokinin), melanocortins and adiponectin all of which promote healthy testosterone actions, prevent age-associated decline of the hormone and increase libido.

Typical high intensity exercises may include:

  • Three-minute warm up
  • Exercise as fast and hard as possible for half a minute. This should be done to the level of feeling like not going any further even for a few seconds.
  • Recovering for next 90 seconds at a slow to moderate speed
  • Repeat this cycle 7 more times.

In short, the entire cycle is just 20 minutes. So, this is really relieving. And of these 20 minutes, 75% of that time is warming up and cooling down, i.e. you are actually working out only for four minutes. You would never believe that just 4 minutes of such an exercise can give you so much of benefits. You can use any type of exercise or equipment like a treadmill, swimming, an elliptical machine, or anything which will push you up for 30 seconds. However you have to be cautious to prevent injury. Start with 2-3 repetitions and increase slowly. Don’t expect yourself to do 7 repetitions right at the beginning, particularly if you are out of shape.

Intermittent fasting is actually a dieting pattern and is a conscious decision to avoid certain meals. This is in fact fasting and then feasting purposefully, i.e. eating calories during a particular period of the day and not eating anything in the rest. For example, you can eat from noon to 8 pm (skipping breakfast). Some people choose to eat only in a 4-hour or a 6-hour period. There is another way too of intermittent fasting – skipping two meals on a day, i.e. avoiding eating for 24 hours. E.g. if you ate your dinner at 8 pm, you will not eat till 8 pm the next day.

Consume Lots of Zinc: Zinc is important for the formation of testosterone. Zinc supplementation in the diet for six weeks has shown remarkable improvement in men with declined levels of the hormone. Best natural sources of zinc are raw cheese, raw milk, yogurt made from raw milk, meat, fish and beans. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you won’t get enough dietary zinc, and you will have to take zinc supplements. Cooking methods too can decrease the amount of zinc in foods, especially if the food is over-cooked. Take zinc supplement with your doctor’s advice and limit the dosage to or less than 40 mg per day.

Stress Relief: Stress brings about increased release of the stress hormone cortisol. It blocks the effects of testosterone. Stress is the curse we have incurred through modern lifestyle. You should reduce stress to boost up your testosterone. Some common and time-honored stress-relieving tools are yoga, prayer, meditation and laughter. Learn relaxation skills like deep breathing and positive visualization. An innovative technique named EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) has been proposed by Dr. Mercola which too you should try.

Increase BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) Intake: Studies suggest that BCAAs bring about increase in testosterone levels, especially if taken together with resistance training. You will find highest proportions of BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) like leucine in dairy products, particularly whey protein and high quality cheeses.

An interesting thing about leucine is, even though you get it from your regular food, it is usually wasted or is utilized as a building block rather than acting as an anabolic agent. Therefore to form the right anabolic environment, you have to increase leucine consumption much more than only maintenance levels. However, you should also be warned that leucine in form of a free form amino acid may be dangerous, because when free form amino acids are administered artificially, they quickly enter blood circulation and disrupt insulin function and impair glycemic control of body. Therefore food-based leucine is your safest bet and can benefit your muscles.

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