How to Prevent Wrecking Your Back

Do you think that back pain is an unpleasant discomfort that cannot be avoided? The truth is, it’s possible to have more control over it than most people think. If you don’t stretch and don’t pay attention to your moves, you’re very likely to wreck your back. How to avoid things that put our spine at risk before the damage is done? 

Weekend injuries. Most people have a sedentary lifestyle during working days and on weekend they injure themselves during a round of golf or a baseball game. But, if you’re idle for most of the week, even spending a few hours in the backyard or cleaning out your garage can be rather hard on your back. How can you prevent it? I suggest stretching and strengthening your core muscles – especially the abdominal muscles on the side. You can engage your abs by sitting on an exercise ball instead of a chair. To avoid weekend injuries, you need to be moderately physically active during your working days. It’s up to you to choose whether you’ll swim, walk or go to the gym, it’s important not to be a couch potato for your overall well-being.

Improper lifting. It’s something we all know poor bending and lifting technique can case severe back injury. So, what can we do about it? First of all, never bend at your waist, but bend the knees while keeping your back straight. The objects you lift should be kept closer to use to avoid stressing your back; also, don’t hold items lower than your knees or higher than your armpits. Objects that weigh more than 1/5 of your body weight shouldn’t be lifted. When you lift something, don’t turn, twist or pivot; in case you need to change direction, do it with your feet instead of your waist.

But, if you still get injured or your back pain is caused by some other factors, there are many back pain relief tips you should follow and products you could make use of. Visit for more useful information! This amazing blog covers various topics from scoliosis to neck pain and it’s dedicated to helping people with any kind of back pain.