I Tried Armodafinil For A Week And This Is What Happened

armodafinilI have been reading about Armodafinil for a while now, and after a while I even read about Armodafinil being used for the treatment of sleeping disorders. This made me curious about what is the medication about so I decide to give it a try and this is what I found.

I have been experiencing sleeping disorders from childhood and I never took it very seriously until I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. My doctor prescribed me a 150 mg dosage of Armodafinil to start with.The best thing about Armodafinil is you don’t even notice it as you don’t get a burst of energy like you do with other supplements. It is built slowly in your system so you don’t even see the full effects until a few weeks and when you stop it takes a week or two to see the difference it makes. After 2 or 4 weeks I started taking Armodafinil 150mg and I found that I was able to get up early in the morning without feeling tired or lazy. I am never able to complete all the errands every day on time but after changing by intake to 150mg/day I was able to go to work, workout at the gym and come home and do some more errands. Usually, I am very lazy in the gym, my trainer keeps shouting at me to be more driven and active, but after the medication, I did more reps then I am used to and at the end of the day, I still had the energy to complete some more work. I know that it be sound obscene to be on medication for such a long time but for anyone who feels like they are lagging back in their life I suggest the least you can do is try it once and see for yourself. Frankly, I am a very lazy person and I didn’t have the urge to complete my entire task in one day, but it helped me to concentrate and be more motivated. At first, I truly thought that it is just a placebo effect but I no longer think about it as I am getting work done.

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