Shoulder sprain: symptoms and care

shoulder sprainYou may get your shoulder sprained while doing odd jobs in a normal day or while doing some physical exercise. This can happen while swimming, climbing a tree or while involved in some sort of games as well. The shoulder sprain happens if the shoulder ligaments are stretched or torn. Ligaments are the tough tissues that connect the bones and allow us lift, rotate and move the arm.

Symptoms: The symptoms associated with the shoulder sprains are pain, tenderness and swelling in the affected area. When the shoulder is sprained it limits the ability to move the shoulder and also pain in the shoulder increases with increased movement and the patient feels a popping sensation while moving the joint as well. Redness of skin and bruises are also experienced in such cases. Experts web portal on shoulder sprains suggests that if situation like this remains for a day or two you must consult the physician without making further delay.

Treatment: The shoulder sprain can sometimes be severe, hence may require the patient to undergo a MRI scan and X-ray. In case of mild sprain the physician recommends some regular medicines like aspirin and ibuprofen etc, combined with ample rest for the shoulder. In case of some serious cases the doctor may need to resort to advanced medical practices after going through the diagnosis reports of the patients.

Care and nursing: Self care and home remedies also help immensely in shoulder sprains. Here are a few tips given below;

1. Never exceed the intake of the dosage of recommended drugs.
2. Care to give ample rest to the shoulder.
3. Apply ice pack in the affected area twice or thrice daily.
4. Go for physiotherapy and make sure the treatment by the physiotherapist is approved by the doctor under which the treatment is going on.

With great care and proper treatment, it won’t take long for the patient to spring back to normal life.