Top Tips for Choosing a Good Online Pharmacy

online pharmacyOnline pharmacies are a great help for many people who want privacy and convenience while buying drugs. However, it was a sad incidence that a scheme came which involved major extortion and harmed many people who wanted to buy drugs online and US FDA had to issue a warning against that scheme. The unfortunate episode took place probably because people don’t know and are not keen to know how to distinguish between safe and unsafe online pharmacies. Here are tips for that.

Ensure that the Pharmacy is Licensed

Expert pharmacists at, a leading online pharmacy,  suggest to  make sure that the online pharmacy you have chosen is licensed in your state or licensed to provide medications in your state. This is a very basic but extremely important precaution you should take. You should expect reliability, professionalism and reputation from both – your local pharmacy as well as your online pharmacy. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) founded in 1904 ensures that every pharmacy in the USA abides by the same standards. The following areas come under its control:

  • All the 50 American states
  • The 3 US Territories
  • The District of Columbia
  • The 9 provinces of Canada
  • The 4 Australian states

Verifying Prescriptions

A way to ensure that the online pharmacy is authentic is to see if they demand proof of your prescription and take time to verify it. They must be interested in your well-being as much as they are interested in your business. All online pharmacies should follow the strict guidelines of medical practices and though the endless array of questions may seem troublesome, they actually prove that the pharmacy is ensuring that you have got a correct prescription and is authentic.

VIPPS Certified

The Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) was founded in 1999 to allow online pharmacies to establish themselves after meeting very high standards. To be VIPPS certified, an online pharmacy should meet very strict standards and also should comply 100% with specific inspection and licensing requirements. Also, it should meet the various particular requirements of each state that they are licensed to sell medications in. The VIPPS also actually visit the site of a pharmacy and check whether it meets certain requirements.

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