3rd Eye Supply – Modern Metaphysical Store

Would you like to feel good, both physically and spiritually? Do you think the prevention is better than curing already existed conditions? Do you prefer natural and home remedies rather than expensive and artificial medicines? In that case, we think the same as you do and the same as people few centuries ago thought. Natural, preventive and affordable health care is possible, even though it might sound too good to be true. Or, you might ask yourself: “if it’s possible, how come I don’t know about it?”. Health Care system has invested in expensive treatments, equipment and technology. Their investment would be the wrong choice and perhaps some of them might be fired if they would encourage health care based on preventive and affordable treatments.

Mike and Tikvah are the couple from the California Bay Area that have discovered a series of metaphysical modern products. These products are incorporated in their daily lives and made them more successful, happier and healthier. They wanted to spread the word about those powerful tools that helped them, therefore Mike and Tikvah have founded 3rd Eye Supply.

For more information on 3rd Eye Supply, if you want to test products, support their project and contact Mike and Tikvah, check out this website: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/3rd-eye-supply-next-generation-metaphysical-store?c=home. Preventative medicine and how effective it is, its been used for a very long time, but has taken a back seat since the profit motive became more prevalent. Many advancements have been made in this field and are going unnoticed to our detriment due to suppression from big industries that profit off doing more pathology than curing people. There are some online outlets, but nothing in public. Contribute or at least spread the word. It might help you and next generations to live happier and healthier lives.