Natural Testosterone Supplements

If a man wants to lead a happy life, the most important hormone his body needs to have is testosterone. This hormone characterizes the man’s masculine features and his sexual life. Not only that, the vigor he must have in his day-to-day life is also dependent on this hormone. But due to age or some disease or mental problem, this hormone can decrease and then complications like weak muscles, retreating hairline, and even increasing weight are seen. When testosterone levels go down, metabolic rate too decreases which contributes to increase weight. In such cases, it becomes necessary to take testosterone supplements to elevate overall health. Some natural testosterone boosters too can be taken for this purpose. These supplements are ideal for those who are seeking easy, yet effective remedies for solving their sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

The types of testosterone supplements are many, and they vary according to their effectiveness.

Testosterone Propionate is the most reactive type of testosterone supplements. Its response time is less than four days and it requires minimal repeated dose. But it is not easily available and needs a valid prescription.

Aqueous Testosterone is another quickest acting testosterone supplement. Its response time is the highest amongst its type of supplements. It is to be injected and the testosterone level in the blood stream increases within a few hours of injection.

Testosterone Cypionate is also an injectable testosterone supplement, but it is a bit slow acting. Its response time is slow, i.e. more than a week. This supplement is generally recommended to those men, who are in the initial phase of testosterone depletion. A similar type of supplement is Testosterone Enanthate, which is made available in combination with Testosterone Cypionate in tablet form, by some pharmacies.

Natural testosterone boosters are nothing but having healthy foods and adopting a healthy lifestyle along with taking some very effective herbs used in ancient Indian and Chinese branches of medicines. And it is the safest and best of all testosterone supplements. The more you turn to the merciful Nature, the more health you will gain and it is true in case of testosterone depletion too.

A combination of ginseng and Tongkat Ali works wonders to increase the testosterone levels. Ginseng contains nitric oxide which increases blood flow across the body, including penis. Tongkat Ali is meant for increasing the natural immunity of the person. So it helps body fighting against free radicals and other hazardous elements which weaken the body.

Catuaba Bark is considered to be the most effective testosterone booster. It is extracted from a plant found in Amazonian rainforests. It contains alkaloids like catubine B and C, in addition to tannins and aromatic oils which render therapeutic effects.

Mucuna Pruriens is one of the rare natural testosterone boosters that act by enhancing dopamine levels. It contains a compound which stimulates the production of dopamine in the body, which in turn, helps to raise the sperm count and testosterone levels along with curing problems like anxiety and stress.

In addition to taking the above supplements, you can change your lifestyle too to gain more health and thereby increasing your vigor and strength. Avoid staying awake after 10.30 at night and have an ample sleep, not less than 8 hours. If you have a problem of insomnia, cure it as fast as possible. Leave the habit of getting stressed. Avoid any kind of processed food, factory farmed animal products and non-organic food.

Avoid all whey protein which has not come from grass fed cows and have been treated with hazardous chemicals that deplete your testosterone levels.

Work Out! But to a short, yet intense levels! Remember, severe workouts for more than about 45 minutes at a time diminish testosterone levels. You can focus on lifting heavy weights, snatches, chins, dips, pushups, and so on.

Before using any of these supplements consult your healthcare provider to be safe, in addition to being strong!