9 Important Questions You Should Ask Marijuana Doctors

marijuana doctorsChronic medical conditions bring pain and some other symptoms. While looking for solutions for this pain, you might come across medical marijuana and wonder if you can use it.

3 Effective Ways to Deal with Multiple Sclerosis Pain

Multiple SclerosisWhen it comes to symptoms of multiple sclerosis such as fatigue and loss of mobility, pain is the most prominent and most disturbing one. Fortunately there are several prescribed as well as natural remedies that help the patient reduce MS pain.

The 3 Best Iron Supplements of 2019 / 2020

Iron SupplementsSeveral people use an iron supplement to improve their energy levels and suggest it to others too who have iron deficiencies.

Iron is an essential nutrient that supplies the building blocks for red blood cells, which transport oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body.

If your iron levels are low–as they are for a huge swath of the population–you can suffer fatigue, reduced aerobic fitness, and a host of other negative side effects.

4 Issues where a TENS Unit can be Used Effectively

Medvive TENS unit with 16 modesAs you may know that a TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) unit is a medical device used to reduce pain by stimulating nerves by applying an electrical current through the skin. By far, it’s one of the most effective and popular therapy for pain reduction. But do you know that it can also be used for many other purposes? Here are a few of these purposes for your knowledge so that you can make the best use of this wonderful device.

Turmeric Curcumin Extract Supplement Capsules for the 100% Vegan

Turmeric Curcumin for pain reliever by VitboostIf you are a vegan and have to take medications for pain, you may often become doubtful about whether the ingredients of the medications are really plant-based. As we know, most of the ingredients of branded medications are synthesized in the laboratory from animals. But when pain takes over, you are helpless and have to take whatever medication is available. But, not anymore!

Why Should You Take L-arginine Supplement?

L Arginine SupplementIf you have recently come to know about L-arginine and are wondering what it is, it is an amino acid and is essential for our body to make proteins. It can be obtained from diet in the form of fish, red meat, and dairy and poultry products. It can also be synthesized in a laboratory to use as a medication.

Medical Waste Treatment Systems You Should Know

Medical Waste DisposalWhen you have a medical facility, a lot of medical waste is produced there and you should keep it separate and hand it over to a professional. It’s essential to understand the seriousness of treating the medical waste so that you and your staff can do it properly and there would be no risk to you, your staff, your patients and visitors. So, you should know how this waste is treated.

The Power of Hope

asking for helpHope is something we all need to face the challenges of life. Scott Peck, author of The Road Less Travelled, opened his book with the famous, simple line—Life is Difficult.

Health Benefits of Rapé (Snuff Medicine from Amazon Forest)

RapéIf you are wondering what Rapé is and what its health benefits are, here’s some useful information for you. It’s the name of one of the several tobacco snuffs used as a sacred shamanic medicine or tool by tribes in the Amazon basin since ancient times. However, it is not sniffed, inhaled or snorted, but it’s blown into the nostrils with a specialized blowpipe known as “Kuripe” (if blown by oneself) or “Tepi” (if administered by another person). This “blow” is pretty powerful and not particularly pleasant; rather it can be shocking.

6 Delicious Foods You can Eat to Follow Your Keto Diet Happily

keto yogurtAre you planning to follow a ketogenic diet? Well, if this question has confused you, a ketogenic diet is a low-carb, medium-protein and high-fat diet which has been found to improve heart health, lower blood sugar, improve insulin sensitivity, help in weight loss, promote nervous system health and cognitive functions and offer many other health benefits. While adopting a keto diet, the biggest problem is that most people are raised on high-carb diet and so, it’s difficult to imagine a carb-less diet. Here are some foods that you can eat to follow your keto diet and their benefits.